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Liz Brown is a research consultant with EAB. Since joining the firm in 2014, Liz has led and contributed to research initiatives on a variety of topics within student affairs, including campus activism, sexual misconduct, and experiential learning. Liz has also developed a campus climate survey and worked with more than 65 institutions to administer the survey and use the data to drive strategic improvements on campus. Liz's work on student activism and sexual misconduct has been featured at conferences in the U.S. and Canada and in a variety of publications.

After completing her bachelor's degree at the University of Wyoming, Liz earned a dual master’s degree in public administration and college student affairs from The Pennsylvania State University. .

Areas of Expertise

Student Affairs, Student Experience, Student Health and Wellness, Sexual Health and Conduct, Experiential Learning, Career Services,

Liz Brown


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Liz's Upcoming Events

Dec 6 2017

Prepare a Student-Centered Response to Today’s Student Activists

In this webconference, we will discuss how institutions can prepare to receive, triage, and act on student demands in a collaborative way that drives institutional progress and lessons learned from other institutions. More Register

Aug 9 2017

Engage Student Activists and the Campus Community on Difficult Issues

In this webconference, we will discuss how institutions can map educational opportunities to the lifecycle of a student activist, providing general education, just-in-time support, and guidance on recovering from and reflecting on activist experiences. More Register

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