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Max Milder is a Senior Analyst with the COE Forum. He specializes in organizational design and market research for non-traditional serving university structures. Max’s research highlights strategies for sharing online revenues across campus, structuring core support functions for non-traditional students, and building an employer-responsive program portfolio. As a member of the COE Forum, Max has participated in research on effective university-employer partnerships, as well as leading academic growth engagements and portfolio analyses for member universities.

Prior to joining EAB, Max was an AmeriCorps Teaching Fellow in Boston with Citizen Schools, a national non-profit dedicated to partnering with middle schools in low-income communities to expand the learning day. In his role, Max served as a classroom instructor for students with disabilities, led schoolwide data-analysis efforts, and managed elements of the organization’s athletics program. He also managed special projects for US2020, an incubated non-profit dedicated to increasing access to STEM learning opportunities for under-represented minorities. Max holds a BA in Political Science and an MPA from Clark University.

Areas of Expertise

Online Education Strategy, Academic Affairs, Program Market Research,

Max Milder

Max Milder

Senior Analyst

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