About Meacie

Meacie Fairfax is a Senior Analyst with EAB. As a member of the Navigate strategic research team, she focuses on the needs of the community college sector, examining topics related to grant and performance funding, data metrics, student success supports, equity and inclusion, and strategic communication. In her time at EAB, she has contributed to the "Bringing Guided Pathways to Life" whitepaper, launched the Grant Opportunity and Development Service, and created tools and resources to support the technology implementation needs of Navigate members.

Before joining the firm, Meacie most recently worked at College Success Foundation supporting K-12, college and workforce programs with strategic planning, program development, and grant support. Over the past decade, she has worked in a variety of roles to support students’ social, emotional, and academic support needs. Ms. Fairfax is a first-generation student, TRIO, and McNair Scholar Alum. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and a master of arts degree from Emerson College.

Areas of Expertise

Student Retention and Success, Early Warning and Early Alert Systems, First Year Experience, Student Engagement,

Meacie Fairfax

Senior Analyst, Product Marketing

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