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Nathan became a principal at Financial Aid Optimization in 1996. He has been the primary architect for most of Financial Aid Optimization's analytic services and consults with many of Financial Aid Optimization's clients on financial aid strategy, retention and recruitment. He has also conducted nearly thirty operational assessments for admission offices. Nathan majored in speech communication and political science at the University of Minnesota.

Nathan began his career in college admissions at Concordia University in St. Paul in 1982 and served as director of admissions for eight years followed by five years as vice president for college relations, which included the admissions, financial aid, administrative technology, communication services and public relations departments.

During his personal time, Nathan is a great golfing companion: he enjoys the game of golf but his playing ability never makes others feel inferior. He also enjoys theatre as much as time permits and gets together often with his close-knit family.

Birthplace/Hometown: Milbank, SD.

First job: Summer road construction survey crew for the State of South Dakota.

Favorite book/movie: Victims of Groupthink, O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Favorite class/job in college: Arthur Ballet’s Theatre 101.

What have you learned about colleges that you didn’t expect? The difficulty of the chief enrollment position at every college, even the best-known and most selective.

What skill do you have that you rarely get to use? Amateur electrician.

What’s the best thing about the people you work with? Intelligence and commitment.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten? “Hoe just one more row” – this was my mom’s way of saying that when you want to end your work, do just a little more. Pragmatically, it was also how she got her children to hoe her very large garden.

Areas of Expertise

Financial Aid, Enrollment Management, Admissions, Academic Affairs, Yield,

Nathan Mueller


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