About Peter

Peter Cellier is a Senior Analyst with the COE Forum. He specializes in marketing and recruiting strategies to increase enrollments of adult and professional students. Peter's research describes a new outcomes focused and student-centric marketing paradigm for higher education, and offers innovative strategies to capture prospective student attention and accelerate prospect decision making under low levels of attention, while guiding member efforts to integrate marketing discipline throughout program development and launch, and calibrate marketing investment across the entire program portfolio.

Prior to joining the COE Forum, Peter produced customized research studies to support member institutions across a wide range of topics, including institutional fundraising incentive structures, faculty hiring, and academic integrity. He also supported innovative program development in data analytics, business, health professions, education, sustainability, and more. He holds a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Puget Sound.

Areas of Expertise

Online Education Strategy, Academic Affairs, Online Strategies, Recruitment, Enrollment Management, Commuter Students, Special Populations, Student Experience, Student Affairs, Adult Learners ,

Peter Cellier Photo

Peter Cellier

Senior Analyst

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