About Rachel

Rachel Tanner is a Consultant with the Higher Education Strategy Forum. Her current research at EAB focuses on understanding the needs of future students and employers, and on innovative ways colleges and universities can evolve to better meet those needs. Prior to HESF, Rachel worked on the Enrollment Management Forum, where she conducted research into enrollment analytics and marketing trends.

Rachel has spent more than a decade working in both administrative and academic positions at a variety of higher education institutions. Most recently, she was Assistant Director of the first-year writing program at the University of Oregon. She has also worked in program development, international student advising, and facilities management. She is a PhD candidate in Literature and Rhetoric at the University of Oregon. She also holds an MA in English from NYU, and a BS in Management and Organizational Behavior from NYU Stern.

Areas of Expertise

Enrollment Management, Access, Admissions, Yield, Financial Aid, Recruitment, FAFSA,

Rachel Tanner

Rachel Tanner


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