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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Around

How do I know if I’m signed in?

When signed in as a member to the website, you will see the words Welcome (your name)” in the upper right corner of the page. If you are not signed in, please click the Member Login link in the upper right corner. If you do not already have a user account, you may create one through our registration page.

How can I improve my search results?

Here are a few tips to help you get better results from your searches :

  • Always check your spelling.
  • Try using synonyms. Some documents may use the term “colleague” instead of “co-worker”.
  • Use more generic terms. Instead of using specific product names (Band-Aids), try using the generic product category (bandages).
  • The search functionality is not case-sensitive. For example, entering “student affairs” and “Student Affairs” will return the same results.
  • Special characters (such as the :, #, &, @) may be used in your search, but use these sparsely as characters may occasionally pull information with technical code using special characters.
  • Do not use a long series of words with quotation marks if you are unsure of the exact title.

How can I narrow my search results?

Once you have executed your search, you may filter down your results by topic, type, date, and more. To narrow by a specific topic, content type, program, or date, check the box next to the type of content you are interested in. If you change your mind, you can un-check the box to restore back to the previous settings.

Managing Your EAB Relationship

How do I know what memberships my institution holds?

For members signed into the website, click on the dropdown next to "Welcome (your name). Your institution or firm holds membership to all the programs listed under the list that appears; therefore, you may access each program site without restriction. This includes the ability to view, download, and order studies, register for events, and utilize tools. This listing may change as your institution modifies its membership over time.

Can I individually subscribe to a membership separate from my employer-provided membership access?

Membership program access cannot be tailored to individual needs. The same program access is provided to all employees of an institution based on the elected offerings chosen. Should you be interested in full access to a membership not available through your existing membership portfolio, please fill out the provided form on the “Request Access” page for the specific offering. Alternatively, please feel free to contact your account manager.

How do I update my contact information?

You may update your name, email address, job function, and password through the Update Personal Information page under the “Your Preferences” tab along the top rail when you are signed in to the website. To update your institution, please contact us at

How do I save articles and pages to come back to later?

If you're a member, content you find within the website can be saved to a personal library. When reading research studies online, a “Save in Library” link can be found near the top of every page adjacent to the “Order Study” link. You can come back to your saved items through the Saved Webpages and Searches page under the “Your Preferences” tab along the top rail when you are signed in to the website. To remove saved pages, check the box next to the content you wish to remove and click “delete.”

Where can I see what events I've registered for?

Registrations for webconferences, webcasts, and national meeting are stored within your user account. To access a list of your upcoming registrations, please use the “Your Events” tab on the top rail when you are signed in to the website.

Getting Things Done

How do I order a document?

Throughout the site you will notice an “Order Study” button below the respective document titles in the center navigation. Clicking on the “Order Study” button will take you to an order form where you can specify the quantity, delivery method, and delivery location for the document. (Note: If you do not see a button that says "Order", that means that the publication is either not available to you or is only available in electronic format.)

Please indicate the necessary shipping method: UPS Ground Shipping (for U.S. members), UPS Two Day Shipping (for U.S. members), or UPS International (World Wide Expedited if shipping outside the U.S.)

After you submit your order, you will receive an email confirmation regarding your order. If you have any further questions, please email

How much does it cost to get a print copy of a study?

To encourage our members to make the most of their membership resources, research studies are available at no individual charge. Neither you nor your institution will be billed for the publication or shipping, as it is covered in your institution’s membership. You may only order publications within your institution’s membership. Studies that can be ordered include the “Order Study” option below the document title.

How can I forward a study (or a tool, or an event) to a colleague?

Please use the “Email” link found under the search bar on the right navigation pane. This enables you to send an abstract of the information and link to the page.

Full access to member content requires that the recipient have an user account with the necessary membership access. Please note that some companies and internet service providers will not permit emails into their network with the same To and From email domains as a security precaution. (For example: from to If your link fails to reach its intended recipient, please attempt to send the url address for the specific page to your colleague.

You can also use the "Share" function, right next to "Email," to post a link to your choice of social network.

How do I register for a webconference?

Once you have located a webconference of interest, you may register for the event through the webpage by clicking the Register button. Simply complete the registration form, then click the Register button. Once registered, an email confirmation will be sent to the primary email address for your user account. This email will include a link to the webconference page, which may be used to access the webconference page on the day of the event. We will also send our registrants a reminder email the afternoon prior to the event.

For additional questions regarding our webconferences and the technology used, please visit our Webconferences FAQ or contact us at

How do I register for a meeting?

The website features a list of all upcoming events. Once you have located the meeting you want, you can register for the event through the webpage by clicking the Register button. Simply complete the registration form, then click the Register button. Your registration will be sent to our meetings department for further assistance. You should receive a confirmation from our meetings staff within 48 hours. If you have any further questions, please contact our Meetings Department at or call 202-747-1003.

How do I view available onsites and to request an onsite presentation?

Onsite presentations are located within the specific membership event listings. Please schedule your onsite as early as possible to secure a desired date, preferably three months in advance. For scheduling and planning assistance, please contact your account manager or a member of our onsite staff at 202-747-1003.

Why can’t I see all of a study (or a white paper, or a tool, or a resource…)?

EAB works with its members through particular memberships. If you are not logged in, or if you don’t belong to the specific membership that created that piece of content, you may not be allowed to see the entire piece.

You will know you are only seeing a preview version of content if there is a red horizontal banner across the main column noting that you are viewing a preview of exclusive membership content and giving you the option you to request access and learn more about that membership program.

If you think you are viewing this notice in error, you may not be logged in. Double-check the top of your screen. If the top left of the page says “Member Login,” you are not logged in and need to enter your user name and password. If you don’t have a user name or a password, you need to register for the site.

On balance, we thought it would be better to provide our members and the public a certain amount value from exclusive content, rather hiding its existence entirely. Notably, we have made robust executive summaries for all of our content available without restriction, recognizing that the insights therein may be of broad value.

How can I view PDF documents?

In addition to reading our materials online, you can download electronic versions of many of our studies, reports, and white papers in PDF format. To view or save the electronic document, please click the Download PDF button found below the title of the study. Once the document has opened, you may save the document by clicking the save icon, or by going to File, then Save (or Save As) in your browser’s menu bar.

To view any PDF documents, you must have Adobe Reader version 9.0 (or higher) installed. If you don't already have Adobe Reader, you can get it for free.

How can I print PDF documents?

To print the electronic document, please click the Download PDF button found below the title of the study. Once the document has opened, you may print the document by clicking the printer icon, or by going to File, then Print in your browser’s menu bar.

To view any PDF documents, you must have Adobe Reader version 9.0 (or higher) installed. If you don't already have Adobe Reader, you can get it for free.

Why do I need Adobe Acrobat Reader?

To make it easy to view or print documents originally intended for paper form, many documents on the site are available in "Portable Document Format" (PDF). PDF files are exact reproductions of their original electronic counterparts that may be downloaded and printed. They may not, however, be altered after downloading. With Adobe Reader, you may view and download an unlimited number of documents from our site, free of charge.

What if I have trouble with Adobe Acrobat Reader?

Some web browsers may encounter difficulty when trying to launch the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. If you encounter this issue, please first launch the Adobe software on your computer, then click the Download PDF link. Additionally, you may want to close other applications running on your computer (except for your browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader) as this action will conserve your system's resources.

If you have the correct version of Adobe and have tried the steps above, please try the following:

  • Right mouse click on the Download PDF icon
  • A menu will appear. Select either "Save Target As" or "Save Link As."
  • Save the document to your hard drive or a disk
  • Go to where you saved the file and double-click the item to open the document.

How do I set up an RSS feed? What is an RSS feed, anyway?

An RSS feed (short for “Really Simple Syndication”) is a way to subscribe to alerts and updates through your web browser or email program. Most email programs and browser automatically recognize RSS feeds and add them to the “RSS Feeds” folder in the Mailbox or Bookmarks area of the program. Every time you click on an RSS feed, it brings up the most recent results.

The site includes powerful customized RSS feed capabilities. Any search can be turned into an RSS feed by clicking the RSS feed button at the lower left of the search results page.

This should prompt your browser to ask whether you want to add this RSS feed to your feeds list. If you do, next time you click this RSS feed you will see all the latest results that match your search criteria.

Why doesn’t the RSS feed button work for me? I’m just seeing a page of gibberish.

A few browser versions have trouble with RSS feeds. In particular, Google Chrome doesn’t seem to know what to do with RSS feeds. Try setting up the feed in a different browser. Internet Explorer 7.0 works consistently for us.

Technical Questions

Is my web browser compatible with

Some of the earlier browser versions do not support certain features that are used within our site. has been optimized for use with Internet Explorer versions 6.0 and above, Firefox 3.0 and above, Safari iOS.3 and above, and the latest Google Chrome. To determine what browser type and version you are using, please click the "Help" option in your browser’s menu bar, then choose “About”. If you are not using one of the browsers referenced above, please upgrade to the most recent version of one of these browsers.

What technology is needed to participate in EAB webconferences?

Webconferences hosted through the website use the Citrix GoToWebinar and Citrix GoToMeeting platforms. The GoToWebinar/GoToMeeting software will automatically install when you join a webconference. If the software or an update are required, please click Yes, Grant or Trust to accept the download. Once the software installs or updates, you will automatically be directed to your respective webconference. For additional questions regarding our webconferences and the technology used, please visit our FAQ.

I would prefer not to enter my log-in and password every time I access the site. How do I save my password?

You may save your password information when signing into the member website. When you click “Member Login” in the upper left corner, you will be prompted to enter your email address and password. Before clicking Submit, please first check the “Save My Information” box. This will store your login information on the specific computer you are using so that you will not need to login each time you visit. Cookies must be enabled on your computer in order to save your login information and access the member content.

If you would like to access the site from another computer, you will need to enter your username and password on that computer. If you access the site from a terminal that you share with several of your colleagues, please ensure that you use the Member Logout option in the upper right corner when you have completed your session. This will help to ensure that colleagues do not inadvertently change your personal information and your personal settings.

Please note that we keep any information that you provide while registering or that we obtained from the use of cookies strictly confidential. The information is used for internal purposes only, helping us to improve services for our members.

Your site's fonts are blurry on my screen?  Can you make them clearer?

In some browsers, such as Chrome, Windows users may find the screen fonts blurry or pixelated.  To improve the appearance of these fonts, you can enable Microsoft's ClearType technology.

To use ClearType for screen fonts:

  • Click Start, click Control Panel, click Appearance and Themes, and then click Display.
  • On the Appearance tab, click Effects.
  • Click to select the Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts check box, and then click ClearType in the list.

If you have any questions related to our website, please contact our Web Help team at or 202-747-1007.