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What if you knew...

....how to unlock insights from 1.2 billion student interactions?

....how to tap into the collective power of 1,200+ educational institutions?

...what thousands of research calls with education leaders could teach you about your own institution? 

 At EAB, we're making education smarter from kindergarten to college—and beyond. We uncover insights on enrollment, student, and institutional success. Then, we apply these insights through research, technology, and services to address education leaders' top challenges.

[One of the benefits of having this partnership with EAB is that they have been a conduit of best practices in higher education. We have been able to learn from [our EAB Consultant] some of the best practices and successful strategies that other institutions have employed."

  Associate Vice President,
Large Public University 

Enrollment Services Insights.

What if you knew...why students turn down their dream schools?  

Our Enrollment Services team helps hundreds of institutions answer questions like this each year. Our experts conduct more than 300 field tests annually to uncover new ways to improve student recruitment campaign effectiveness and efficiency. The insights gained from these tests help us support colleges and universities through all three phases of student recruitment: search, application, and yield.

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Student Success Insights.

What if you knew...what happens to 100 students who enter college? How many graduate? Drop out? Get jobs? What would you do differently?

Our student success experts are answering questions like these every day for our 450+ members. With 1.2 million individuals on our student success management system, Campus, we’re able to mine billions of student interactions to unlock insights to help your students persist, graduate, and succeed. 

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Research Insights.

What if you knew...how to reduce failure rates in critical gateway courses? 

At EAB, we conduct thousands of research calls each year to unlock insights that help university leaders answer their most pressing questions, including this one. We apply these insights to help higher education institutions with everything from making smart resource trade-offs to improving academic efficiency to growing academic program revenues.

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K-12 Insights.

What if you knew...how to close the college access gap and support underrepresented students on the path to postsecondary education? 

This is just one of many "up at night" questions that we partner with K-12 institutions to answer. Our peer-tested insights help K-12 schools ensure financial stability, enhance fundraising and alumni engagement, balance academic rigor and student wellness, and optimize faculty recruitment and professional development.

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Adult Learning Insights.

What if you knew...how to increase your adult learner enrollment with data-driven marketing?  

Our Adult Learner Recruitment experts create programs tailored for your community, target your best-fit students, and reach prospective students in the most effective way possible. Our expert-generated insights are the reason our partners’ program offerings were viewed 1.4 million times last year by adult search prospects. 

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Community College Insights.

What if you knew...how to bring Guided Pathways to life and help more of your two-year students succeed?  

With 85+ partner institutions in 22 states, our Navigate team works with two-year institutions to reduce attrition, communicate more effectively with students, and streamline the path to completion—leading to an expected 3% gain in retention and 3.5% gain in persistence.

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