Librarian Statuses and Rights

At Small, Baccalaureate Institutions

Topics: Library, Employee Health and Wellness, Human Resources, Administration and Finance

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This research project investigates how administrators at other institutions define librarian faculty status at small, baccalaureate institutions. The brief describes librarian voting rights, career pathways, opportunities for research sabbaticals, and performance evaluation criteria. Finally, this project examines librarian satisfaction levels with current rights and identifies recommendations for clarifying librarian statuses.

  • Key observations from our research:

    1. Librarians at most profiled institutions attend faculty meetings and vote on faculty committees, but cannot apply for tenure and lack career advancement opportunities.

    2.Two profiled institutions offer promotional pathways that align with tenure tracks to allow librarians to progress through professional rankings.

    3. Clearly define librarian statuses, create visible career ladders for librarians, and enhance interaction between librarians and faculty members. Librarians and teaching faculty maintain strong and respectful relationships regardless of librarian statuses and rights.