Social Media Guidelines for Institutions, Faculty, and Students


This research analyzes the development processes, communication strategies, and assessment methods of social media use guidelines for institutions, faculty, and students.

Key observations from our research

1. Institutions primarily design social media guidelines for campus communicators, faculty, and students who manage institutional social media accounts (i.e., accounts that represent the university).

2. Because the marketing and communication departments did not design institutional social media guidelines for faculty, some administrators have created separate guidelines for instructional use of social media (i.e., Dalhousie University, Institution D, and Institution H).

3. Profiled institutions primarily offer guidance to students on social media behavior through digital citizenship courses (i.e., courses that focus on appropriate technology and social media use), orientations, and newspaper articles, rather than through social media guidelines.

4. Teaching and learning centers that do not create faculty-specific social media guidelines develop alternative methods to supplement the institutional social media guidelines (e.g., digital citizenship workshops, faculty orientations).

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