Peer Tutoring Services at Canadian Institutions


This brief overviews examples of how large US and Canadian institutions organize and manage peer tutoring services and what units oversee these services. The brief gives an overview of the type of services institutions offer as well as how peer tutors are trained and selected. The brief also reviews ways institutions assess the effectiveness of peer tutoring.

Key observations from our research

1. No profiled institution completely centralizes its peer tutoring offerings.

2. Funding for peer tutoring services most frequently comes from the units that oversee each service.

3. Profiled institutions offer a broad range of peer tutoring services in varying formats (e.g., general skills-based tutoring like writing centres and study skill support, content-specific tutoring).

4. Administrators who oversee peer tutoring services typically manage selection and hiring of peer tutors.

5. All profiled institutions evaluate utilization metrics for various peer tutoring services.

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