Career Service Centers

Staffing, Structure and Services


This research explores staffing in Career Service Offices. Our research investigates the historical and current staffing levels in these offices and the typical functions of employees. Additionally, this brief examines the use of student employees in Career Service Offices.

Key observations from our research

1.The number of full-time employees (FTE) in career service centers at profiled institutions ranges from six to 22.

2.Contacts note current FTE levels allow them to adequately support students, but they would hire additional staff if possible.

3.All profiled institutions employ students in career service centers, but only three institutions hire student employees for non-administrative tasks.

4.Directors note that strong relationships between career services and academic advising lead to high-quality referrals that best suit student needs.

5.All profiled career service centers support student internships in some capacity (e.g., posting internship opportunities).

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