Building a sustainable business model

The refrain of an “unsustainable business model” is a constant theme in our conversations with provosts. The revenues and cross-subsidies on which institutions finance their missions are eroding, even while value-conscious students and taxpayers are demanding new (and potentially costly) institutional capabilities in student success and career outcomes.

In building and executing their institutional response to these pressures, provosts are asking a number of pressing questions:

  • Which degree and program models benefit (or suffer) from changing enrollment dynamics?
  • How are peer and aspirant institutions in my segment rethinking or diversifying their revenue streams?
  • How can I get deans and chairs to understand the importance of cost-effective enrollment growth?
  • What are the key performance metrics every dean should be watching to diagnose program health?
  • How can I prepare for new student and stakeholder demand in academic and career exploration?
  • What experiential learning formats and organizational models hold the most promise?

Our 2016-17 provost roundtable meetings will help members navigate both horns of this dilemma by providing strategy roadmaps to set the institution on a sustainable financial path and innovative approaches to strengthen the student value proposition through a more flexible path to graduation and “hardwired” experiential learning.