Engage faculty to ensure lasting change in student outcomes

Overcoming the student success silo problem

In the face of stagnant national graduation rates, universities are doing more and more each year to support student progression and address the causes of attrition. Like many of your peers, you’re probably developing first-year experience programs, setting up early academic alerts and student tracking systems, or hiring more professional academic advisors.

No shortage of programs in place, but little to show for it

The existence of programs and support structures on their own is not enough to ensure effectiveness. Many universities still lag behind their peers in six-year graduation rate even after they implement well-documented, high-impact practices. After so much effort and investment in student retention and success, academic leaders are asking: Why are so few institutions moving the dial?

What role should faculty play in student success?

Faculty are critical to efforts to improve student persistence and engagement, but where can they make the most impact? Our latest infographic outlines six roles for faculty in student success efforts. Download the infographic

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Defining the Faculty Role in Student Success

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