Revitalizing the Program Portfolio

Elevating Academic Program Performance and Strategic Alignment

Topics: Accreditation, Academic Planning, Academic Affairs, Assessment, Program Prioritization, Academic Dashboards, Data Driven University, Administration and Finance, Data Management, Information Technology, Program Market Research, Program Costs, Program Approval, Research Evaluation and Rankings, Research Enterprise, Budgeting, Interdisciplinary Programs

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By reading this study, members will learn:

  • How to generate faculty consensus around program performance metrics
  • How to align program performance with institutional goals
  • How to determine if proposed programs will be viable
  • How to enhance existing “signature” programs
  • How to reallocate resources based on institutional priorities

Executive Summary

At many institutions, program review is an underproductive exercise. Review of existing programs is often a check-the-box formality, with inconsistent criteria and little connection to institutional priorities or funding considerations. Decisions about where to concentrate resources across the portfolio can be highly politicized. This report profiles how academic planning exemplars use program review as a strategic tool, integrating data on academic quality, student demand, and resource utilization to improve the economics of challenged programs and prioritize programs for investment and expansion.

Top Lessons from the Study