Online Course Prioritization Guide

10 Strategies for Promoting Enrollment Growth and Student Success

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Case Study

Several departments at the University of Alabama have addressed the challenges associated with withdrawals by creating accelerated, online course options for students who drop or withdraw within the first five weeks of a 15-week term. Designated as “Fall II,” this shorter session is not visible to students during initial registration to prevent them from proactively opting into the abbreviated online format intended for the students in need of a flexible alternative.

While it can be difficult to match instructor supply with last-minute student demand each term, department chairs have been relatively successful at predicting the most likely withdrawal candidates and appropriate online alternatives, drawing on a supply of available faculty able to teach high-enrollment courses.

As student performance analytics improve, both faculty and advising professionals will have more tools at their disposal (LMS triggers, early alerts, risk scoring) to provide the optimal mix of withdrawal redirect options for students in shorter and shorter time windows.

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Implementation Guidelines

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