Learning Innovations Toolkit

Resources to manage change on campus

Although learning innovations have proliferated in recent years, many faculty are still hesitant to experiment in the classroom. They often lack the time, training, or professional incentives necessary to try alternative teaching techniques.

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This toolkit is designed to help you identify the faculty innovators on your campus, reduce the risk of adopting new classroom techniques, and turn grassroots efforts to innovate into a priority. The eight tools include process maps, question banks, and samples.

Download the full toolkit or select from the options below to learn more about each tool.

  • Tool 1: Campus Support Service Climate Survey
  • Tool 2: Seed Funding Application Audit
  • Tool 3: Innovation Analytics Process Map
  • Tool 4: Campus Innovator Identification Guide
  • Tool 5: Pilot Assessment Question Bank
  • Tool 6: Course Redesign Selection Criteria
  • Tool 7: Complementary Hybrid Scheduling Planner
  • Tool 8: Alternative Tenure Requirements Sampler

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