Reclaiming the Value of the Liberal Arts for the 21st Century

Strategies to integrate career development with traditional arts and sciences curricula

Six lessons and tools to highlight the value of the liberal arts in preparing graduates for career success.

Reclaiming the Value of the Liberal Arts

There's a new urgency for colleges and universities to demonstrate measurable results, often in the form of graduate job placement and salary. Between accountability measures that emphasize professional majors and a public focus on return on investment, the liberal arts can seem increasingly irrelevant.

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Communicate the real-world relevance of a liberal arts education

Students aren't always aware of the transferable skills that they develop in liberal arts courses, so they struggle to articulate them to potential employers. Teach students to position their skills for different industries and employer needs by mapping assignments to professional competencies.

Integrate career preparation opportunities that help preserve a liberal arts focus

Employers frequently complain that recent graduates don't possess all of the soft skills they need to succeed on the job. At the same time, employers expect more from their youngest employees and often place them in leadership positions. Help prepare your students with immersive experiences such as professional skills bootcamps, practical major concentrations, and online internships.

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