Faculty Grant Writing Incentive and Support Programs

Designed to Increase Corporate and Foundation Grant Funding

Topics: Faculty Productivity and Incentives, Faculty Affairs, Academic Affairs, Industry Partnerships, Grant Writing, Research Administration, Research Enterprise


As public funding for higher education continues to decrease, many institutions seek to increase revenues from research grants from private sources such as foundations and corporations. This brief profiles programs in place at research institutions that incentivize faculty members to pursue grant funding from private sources. It describes how institutions structure incentive and support programs, how research directors implement these programs, and what outcomes contacts have observed with regard to changes in revenue from private sources.

  • Key observations from our research:

    1. Pre-award financial incentives encourage faculty grant proposal submissions and allow faculty members to prioritize research efforts.

    2. Allocate internal funds to support faculty conference attendance, networking with private funding sources, and student research.

    3. Consolidate grant writing support services to increase faculty member awareness of available incentive and support programs.

    4. Increased proposal submissions, grant revenue, and revenue from private sources followed grant writing and incentive support program implementation.

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