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On-Demand Webconference

Diverse Philanthropy Web-Series

Past Events In Series

Engaging and Soliciting LGBT Alumni

This webconference will explore new and innovative ways of data collection to capture, store, and maintain affinity data related to LGBT identity. The session will also consider the trends and giving habits of LGBT philanthropy and how institution can maximize their giving and engagement with this population.

Engaging Alumni of Color

This webconference will equip participants with tools and ideas to engage alumni of color through feedback processes, giving campaigns, and celebrations that embrace institution desegregation and look towards a more diverse and inclusive alumni community.

Maximizing International Fundraising Without Leaving Your Campus: Parents and Students

This webinar highlights ways institutions can engage wealthy parent prospects today without ever leaving campus and help build a culture of philanthropy for today’s increasing international student body on campus.

Maximizing Alumnae Engagement and Giving

This webinar will provide participants with the tools and information they need to more effectively and strategically think about engaging alumnae and ultimately increase their giving habits.