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On-Demand Webconference

Formalizing Professional Development Conversations

Talent Review Training for Advancement Managers

About the Webconference

To turn the tide and increase the performance of advancement teams and consequentially retain staff (even if only for a year or two more), CAOs must elevate professional development to a strategic priority. Over the last several years, EAB has seen institutions making this shift, allocating resources for strategic talent management positions and programs, and beginning to “treat employees the way we treat our alumni and donors.”

The foundation of a talent management program is educating leaders that talent management is the responsibility of everyone who manages staff. Ultimately, ongoing conversations about not only employee performance but also career aspirations and professional development must communicate that employees are valued as individuals within the organization. This one-hour webconference will provide an overview of the member-ready presentation deck that members can use in order to conduct internal training for managers tasked to conducting talent reviews with their direct reports.