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On-Demand Webconference

The Donor Investor Imperative

About this Series

Today’s principal gift donors think differently about the organizations they choose to support, and universities need to act now to continue to receive their support. They expect to change the world, and will work with institutions of higher education as a means to do so. These “donor investors” seek creative ideas that will have global impact and are rooted in strong relationships with the institution. Merely promoting traditional priorities or a strategic plan is no longer enough to attract and retain these donors. The first step to building relationships with donor investors is to understand what motivates them and what they seek from their philanthropy.

Past Events In Series

Perfecting the Pitch to Appeal to Today’s Donors

In this webconference, participants will learn how to prepare faculty members to pitch their big ideas to a donor audience, from practicing in front of peers, to pitching to a select group of donors, to successfully participating in donor visits.

Communicating the Impact of Big Ideas

This webconference will equip participants to engage faculty in translating their ideas into terms for non-experts and to model gift impact for data-driven donors.

Sustainably Sourcing Big Ideas

This webconference will equip participants with tools and tips to design and implement a big ideas process, determine fundraising priorities, and build bridges between advancement and the academic enterprise.

The Rise of the Donor Investor

This webconference will equip participants with knowledge and data about today’s principal and transformational gift donors in order to effectively make the case for investment in your institution.