What two numbers can tell you about prospective donors

How to make data-driven solicitations

Colorado State University is a fairly complex advancement operation employing numerous data feeds and complicated analytics as part and parcel of their daily work. So the question at hand for CSU advancement leadership team was, "How do we take these complicated concepts and communicate them in such a way that they are useable by our gift officers in the field?"

How to implement this data and analytics strategy at your institution

Their solution was to take a lot of the data and analytics and boil them down into scores and numbers that the gift officers trusted.

Score #1: Solicitation Readiness Scale

  • Incorporates multiple data points quantifying interaction with institution into one score on a scale of 1-1,000
  • Provides clear, concise indication of prospect’s major gift approachability
  • Conserves gift officer time and effort by enabling alignment of gift officer activity with prospect readiness

Score #2: Potential Ask Range (PAR) Score

  • Incorporates multiple data points about individual into one score on a scale of 1-1,000
  • Provides clear, concise indication of individual’s likeliness and capacity to give a gift within 1 year in a specific dollar range
  • Enables stronger targeting of solicitations and better prioritization of prospects within portfolio

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