Why you should change the way you deploy joint visits

By Dena Schwartz

Help MGOs learn while they work

Advancement leaders can often identify skill gaps in their MGO workforce—but they struggle to help their fundraisers develop those missing skills. Since MGOs don't have time to stop working, they must find ways to learn on the job.

Traditional professional development training lacks formalized opportunities for MGOs to demonstrate the skills they have learned, and it often omits real-time feedback in favor of providing general, intermittent overviews of fundraisers' performance. On-the-job learning solves these problems by embedding professional development opportunities into MGO schedules, allowing them to immediately apply new skills and receive real-time feedback. As a result, MGOs have ready-made opportunities to prove that they have integrated their new knowledge into their core responsibilities.

Benefits of On-the-Job Learning

Benefits of On-the-Job Learning

Want to optimize MGO performance? Start by finding the right one.

The competition for top fundraisers has never been higher. We can help you identify top MGO prospects by focusing on the key traits common to the highest performing fundraisers. Download our infographic to learn more.

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