Explore the philanthropic landscape with board members

Board members, presidents, and other senior leaders expect higher-than-ever returns from advancement, and they play an increasingly large role in strategic planning for advancement. Yet they may not be well-versed in the ins and outs of the advancement landscape—particularly the increasingly competitive market for top donors’ philanthropy.

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Advancement leaders often must serve as educators-in-chief for board members eager to learn about the direction that higher education philanthropy is moving. To equip our members for this task, the Advancement Forum has created an editable PowerPoint, The State of the Union: A Snapshot of Where Our Industry Stands Today. The deck includes the latest data, as well as talking points to guide your conversation.

Customize the deck to meet your needs

Regardless of how much material you need, the deck can be customized to meet the needs of your audience. Present the slides all together, use only what you need, or combine them with information specific to your institution.

The notes at the bottom of each slide summarize the main points. Use them as a starting point to guide the conversation or add facts and examples from your institution’s experience in order to underscore the most relevant parts.

For board meetings, campaign planning, and many other occasions

This deck can be integrated into any presentation with institutional stakeholders about the realities of philanthropy in higher education. It can be included in the advancement portion of regularly-scheduled board meetings to educate board members about the trends and challenges facing advancement professionals today.

Other institutional leaders may also benefit from taking a deeper dive into the advancement landscape: deans, vice presidents, and even new presidents or provosts may be unaware of the challenges facing advancement teams today. Use the deck as often as necessary to explain advancement to partners across campus.

Moving forward from an informed perspective

Sharing data and anecdotes about the challenges facing advancement teams can help all stakeholders reset their expectations—and better understand that they also have a role to play in advancement success. After sharing the presentation with board members, they may be more willing to work with top prospects, assist with networking connections, and volunteer to play a role in campaign success.

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