Hiring diverse candidates is tough. Retaining them is even tougher.

Despite advancement's long commitment to diversity, today only 11% of fundraisers are minorities. Competition to hire these diverse fundraisers is fierce. But even after an advancement shop hires a diverse fundraiser, the competition is not over.

Currently there are over 377,000 midsize and large nonprofits in the United States that have set a goal to diversify their staff. With so few diverse fundraisers, even newly hired employees are susceptible to being poached by another organization looking to diversify. The risk of a diverse fundraiser being poached only increases as fundraisers gain more experience and connections.

To mitigate the risk of diverse employees being lured away, advancement shops must have programming specifically for retaining diverse talent. Use the Retention Strategies for Diverse Staff document below to identify best practices that will work for your institution.

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