Advancement Investment and Performance Initiative Benchmark Generator

Benchmarking Resource Allocation, Fundraising Production, and ROI for FY16

Every advancement leader has at one point had to answer a board member’s question, “How are we stacking up against our peers?” Rarely do we have the information we need to answer that question.

The Advancement Investment and Performance Initiative (AIPI) aims to solve that problem. AIPI gathers reliable, relevant data on the fundraising revenues other institutions bring in and the staffing levels necessary to generate those returns.

The dynamic online tool here allows advancement leaders to pull data on demand and create customized cohorts based on key institutional variable, such as size of the alumni population, participation rate for high-net-worth households, and total number of FTEs.

EAB members use the Advancement Investment and Performance Initiative to advocate for additional resources and to make strategic decisions about where those resources can have the biggest impact. In particular, they incorporate the data from this benchmark generator into institutional reports, responses to senior-leader questions, and strategic planning.

The unparalleled depth of our data, paired with EAB’s analytical and strategic rigor, ensures that advancement leaders have the competitive intelligence they need to transform their divisions into highly effective units.

Data featured here draw on information submitted for FY2014-FY2016. The Advancement Forum will add FY2017 data to the benchmark generator in the coming months following a data-integrity and -review process.

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