Parent Fundraising Implementation Guidance

8 tools to promote parent fundraising

Considering the major-gift potential of many students' parents, institutions cannot afford to ignore this important demographic—or to pursue them in low-yield manners. Advancement leaders need to emphasize parent fundraising, and target those parents with the highest giving capacity early during their students' undergraduate careers.

This toolkit—a supplement to our related study—will help you target proper parents and cultivate them effectively.

The toolkit contains guides, templates, and more. Select from the options below to learn more about each tool.

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Decision/Self-Reflection Guide

Instructions: Use the following discussion/self-reflection guide and the implementation tool that follows to help you prioritize the implementation of the best practices provided in this publication based on your institution’s goals, available resources, and timeline.

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Strategic Implementation Guide

Instructions: Based on your institution's parent fundraising goals and available resources, map out which of the tactics profiled in this publication you want to prioritize using the chart below. Use this vision document to assign program responsibility and next steps.

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Conversation Guide for Key Campus Allies

Instructions: Use this discussion guide to assist you as you speak with other campus leaders about obtaining access to parent data for engagement and fundraising purposes. We have included key partners in this work including, but not limited to: student affairs, financial aid, university or college counsel, and CIO.

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Parent Welcome Email Template and Parent Council Calling Script

Instructions: Use the following framework below to design your email template and script for parents advisory council members or gift officers tasked with initial outreach to incoming first year parents.

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Sample Parent Fundraising Job Descriptions

Instructions: Use the following job descriptions to craft your position posting for a parents fundraising position. In some instances the position may be either housed in Student Affairs or have dual reporting to Student Affairs.

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Family Giving Arc Template

Instructions: This is a tool for setting parents' giving expectations and guiding MGOs' conversations with parents.

Download a customizable Family Giving Arc Template you can begin using immediately

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Parent Information Contact Card

Instructions: Pass this contact card out during parent orientation or other parent events on campus to collect contact information.

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Training MGOs to Work with Parents

Instructions: Use this PowerPoint presentation to educate gift officers or other fundraising staff about the nuances of working with parents.

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