Web Site Content Management

Considerations for Maintenance, Staffing, and Budgets

Topics: Marketing and Branding

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Research Questions

  • How frequently do administrators update content and who determines the frequency of the updates and selects the content to be updated?
  • How many personnel are assigned to managing the content of institutional websites?
  • How much funding do other institutions allocate to website maintenance and upkeep and what does this funding enable the institution to support?


Because institutional Web sites help to attract prospective students and market the institution, administrators must modernize Web templates and tools and ensure online content is up-to-date. This report examines the staffing required to maintain online content as well as the frequency of updates.  The rationale and process for prioritizing content updates across divisions are also explored. Additionally, this report highlights which administrators oversee Web site management and outlines budgets for online content maintenance.  Finally, the role of third-party vendors in Web site maintenance and the reported purpose of institutional Web presence are also considered.

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