Managing Contractor Agreements

Considerations for Selecting, Assessing, and Notifying Contractors

Topics: Third Party Partnerships, Administration and Finance

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Research Questions

  • What is the process for prequalifying consultants and contractors? What mechanisms are in place to easily update or change the list of prequalified consultants and contractors? Do other institutions require all sub-contractors to be prequalified as well?
  • What is the process for negotiating contracts with architects and engineering consultants?
  • How do other institutions evaluate the performance of contractors and consultants? Are contractors and consultants allowed to be present at bid openings?


When selecting contractors for construction projects, private institutions do not receive state funding and therefore are not required to select the lowest bidder. This report examines methods for prequalifying and evaluating contractors. Additionally, the report describes several processes for developing term agreements with consultants (e.g., architects and engineers). Finally, policies for notifying contractors of bid results and sharing decision factors are considered.

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