Monitoring and Reporting Legislative Compliance

Strategies for Canadian Institutions

Topics: Administration and Finance, Legal and Compliance

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After a recent assessment by a provincial Auditor General, administrators sought assistance in improving the robustness of their legislative compliance efforts. In this report, business affairs administrators at Canadian institutions review options and define strategies for monitoring and reporting on legislative compliance to the governing board. Contacts provide recommendations on methods to identify relevant legislation, processes for collecting status of compliance from department leaders, and approaches toward presenting compliance information to the governing board. Additional promising practices from American institutions are also included.

Research Questions

  • What legislation must institutions comply with?
  • How do institutions identify legislation that requires compliance?
  • Who oversees the compliance reporting process?
  • How is reporting coordinated across various offices?
  • Have institutions centralized the reporting process, and if so, how did institutions manage the restructuring process?
  • How do institutions present state of compliance to the board of governors?
  • What staffing and other resources are necessary for monitoring and reporting on legislative compliance?