Faculty Start-up Funding


This research brief highlights the structure and logistics of faculty start-up packages, and the policies that govern those faculty start-up packages.

Key observations from our research

1. The portion of faculty start-up packages that the central administration typically provides at profiled institutions ranges from no funding, funding only for equipment costs, and close to full funding.

2. Two profiled institutions require academic deans to estimate the start-up cost of each faculty position prior to beginning the search for a candidate to fill the role, while other profiled institutions negotiate start-up funding based on candidates’ qualifications.

3. Three of four profiled institutions place a three-year limit on the utilization of faculty start-up funds.

4. Administrators at profiled institutions consider institutional factors (e.g., department, budget) and candidate factors (e.g., previous funding, research) to determine and allocate faculty start-up packages.

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