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Aligning the Budget Model to Strategic Goals

Past Events In Series

Incorporating Institutional Goals into the Model and Ensuring a Seamless Budget Model Transition

This last session of our four-part series will highlight a three-part framework your institution can use to incorporate strategic, campus-wide goals into the budget model. Learn how proven change management tactics can help you ensure a smooth budget model transition.

Preserving Mission-Critical Activities Through Subvention and Strategic Reserves

Learn about three executive-level decision points you can use to structure subvention and strategic reserves in your budget model. These decision points will also help you balance decentralized financial incentives with centralized elements that safeguard your institution's mission and brand.

Creating Cost Accountability Through Cost Allocation

In this session you will learn about two executive-level decision points that can help you optimize cost allocation design and drive cost containment. You'll also receive additional allocation guidance to help you address overhead costs and regulate unit spending so you can better protect your institution's finances and strategic goals.

Introducing the Executive-Level Framework

Join us to get a first look at our executive-level decision framework for effective budget model design. You will also learn about five resource allocation decision points, and how you can use the budget model to incent program growth to instill unit-level financial accountability.