The first approach in metrics selection: Screen your data

By Kimberly Rose

In order to determine which administrative unit functions they should invest resources in, unit leaders must identify core metrics that best measure unit performance. However, given the countless ways to measure performance, unit leaders often struggle to choose the metrics that truly evaluate operational effectiveness.

The first step in identifying unit core performance metrics is to eliminate metrics that do not pass certain pragmatic screens. Specifically, unit leaders should set aside any measures that are updated infrequently, based on untrustworthy data sources, or are potentially confusing to unit leaders and staff.

Four pragmatic screens you can use to eliminate data metrics quickly are outlined below. The first two screens—accessibility of data and frequency of tracking—serve as a litmus test to confirm the availability of data at regular intervals. The second two screens—reliability of data and communicability of concept—test quality and metric relevance.

Suggested Pragmatic Screens

Suggested Pragmatic Screens

Applying a reality check

To help leaders test metrics against the four pragmatic screens, we’ve compiled a series of red flag questions to consider for each screen.

Reality-Check Red Flag Questions

Reality-Check Red Flag Questions

Download the full questionnaire

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