3 ways the 2017-2018 national meeting will help your campus

Chief business officers know that higher ed's core operating model is fundamentally at risk: campuses need to grow, but are faced with intensified competitive drivers, cost containment mandates, and labor budget increases. As we dig deeper, we find that these priorities are all connected. No institution can achieve growth without addressing the factors that limit revenue potential and create unnecessary budget strains: under-informed investments and suboptimal organizational structures.

In the 2017-2018 national meeting series “Building a Foundation for Growth” we will explore how institutions can successfully grow by thoughtfully engaging with partners in the academy as well as retrofit the enterprise’s operations for flexibility and cost efficiency.

Attendees at our meeting will hear our research on maximizing the probability of net-positive program launches and minimize wasted time in administrative operations. To ensure that participants can learn not only from brainstorming sessions with the full attendee group, but also from deeper discussions with leaders of peer institutions, we will also facilitate segment-specific breakout sessions throughout the two-day summit.

Presentations will deliver analysis and best practices related to the following topics:

  • What mistakes to avoid when assessing potential new academic program investments. We have grouped these landmines into four families and identified preventive measures business officers can take in partnership with faculty.
  • How targeted process improvement can deliver outsized wins in productivity and service quality within core administrative functions.
  • Where lessons from major reorganizations can be applied to support transition to various org structures, including pinpointing which functions and sub-functions can take maximum advantage of scale.

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