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Capitalize on Your Strengths for Alternative Revenues

Through hundreds of conversations, we noticed how frequently members have chartered task forces to come up with fast-payback, revenue-generating ideas to mitigate declines in state funding, endowments, or net tuition. We quickly found that best practices are hard to generalize in this terrain—many ideas arose from un-replicable local advantages, while other ideas did not translate well across cultural boundaries.

These resources are a departure from our usual best practice research, marked by rigorous root cause analysis and broadly replicable best practices. Instead, we’ve catalogued ideas within major alternative revenue categories to showcase where other institutions have found success.

The profiled results are short and self-reported by the institutions themselves. They are grouped by revenue category and order-of-magnitude revenue potential for your convenience. We hope that your team can use these ideas to ensure that your institution isn’t overlooking a culturally and logistically feasible concept.

Ideas from Your Peers

  • Non-traditional educational revenues
  • Branding, licensing, and affinity
  • Tuition and student fee policies
  • Monetizing campus operations
  • Facilities and real estate
  • Academic entrepreneurship support services

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