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Identify and Gather the Right Metrics to Support Decision Making

Becoming more data-driven is a widespread goal in higher education strategic planning—many public institutions are anticipating performance-based funding, and private institutions are trying to achieve enrollment and research goals in a competitive, nationalizing market. Integrating underexploited information from ERP, SIS, finance, and LMS systems can provide decision makers with the granular and consistent views of fund flows, instructional capacity utilization, and student success metrics they need to implement future growth strategies.

These resources show how institutions are getting started, and where they hope to arrive: getting the campus to embrace common metrics, shifting staff resources from low-value reporting to high-value analytics, building data warehouse and dashboarding capabilities to get rich information to decision makers across campus.

What Your Peers are Asking

  • How can we get the institution working on a common fact base for key financial and quality measures?
  • What staffing and automation approaches streamline reporting to free up analytic capacity?
  • Getting ROI from analytic tools investments: How do we drive adoption among end users?
  • What incentives need to be in place to ensure decision makers are managing by the numbers?
  • What are successful examples of reports, dashboards, and KPIs used at public and private institutions to measure campus-wide performance, financial health, and academic productivity?

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