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Attain Scale Economies and Service Quality Excellence

CIOs and business officers serving decentralized institutions often struggle to control the complexities that result from uncoordinated, sub-scale IT investments. Wide disparities within unit-level IT service requirement expectations and budgets make standardization and reuse difficult to achieve.

These resources, based on interviews with IT leadership at more than 120 institutions, profile effective approaches for attaining scale economies and service quality excellence in a distributed organizational structure, and help frame the risk: reward assumptions and early implementation experiences from first-movers to cloud computing services.

What Your Peers are Asking

  • How do we define common infrastructure service bundles, and refresh technology and cost recovery rates over time?
  • How can we reduce software costs by promoting enterprise license reuse and scoping new applications to avoid out-year maintenance costs?
  • How do we migrate to right size IT staff to end user ratios without service decrements or layoffs?
  • What are the most common and effective IT governance models? How do we formalize IT project definitions and prioritize project requests?
  • How do we anticipate faculty and student demand for emerging technologies to ensure we aren’t too far ahead or behind the adoption curve?
  • Are early adopters realizing projected savings from cloud computing, and how can we assess organizational readiness to introduce cloud-based administrative services?

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