Administrative Services Alignment Tool

Using data to drive decision making

The business alignment tool will enable chief business officers to:

  • Guide resource allocation based on identified areas of under- and over-investment
  • Understand constituent service needs through results of role-based gap analysis
  • Contextualize institution performance through cohort benchmarks
  • Provide external stakeholders with a quantitative performance assessment

Gaining a 360-degree view

The Web-based survey tool is distributed to respondents around campus, including:

  • Executives (example: Vice President for Enrollment)
  • Administration Unit Directors (example: Director of Budget Office)
  • Deans
  • College-Level Business Officers
  • Department Chairs

The tool assesses the following administrative service areas:

  • Controller & business/financial services
  • Central budget office
  • Support for new programs & initiatives
  • Capital planning & construction
  • Facilities & physical plant
  • Procurement/purchasing
  • Payroll
  • Human resources & benefits
  • Environmental health & safety
  • Risk management
  • Security & safety
  • Office of the Chief Business Officer
  • Information technology