The three types of information crucial to becoming a data-driven administration

The first step in effective decision making is ensuring that you have the right data. This infographic details the information you need to make impactful resource allocation decisions.

Data-Driven Administration

While surveys on institutional data management in higher education uniformly show that colleges and universities are tracking more data than ever before, chief business officers often cite a lack of credible data as an impediment to many of their top priorities, including driving administrative effectiveness.

In the past, higher education institutions focused on better academic data, and with good reason, as most campus spending is driven by the academy. However, the vast majority of the tough resource allocation decisions of the past decade have been in administration, and pressure on administration to become leaner will only continue.

Given the countless ways to measure unit performance, leaders need to carefully select the metrics that truly evaluate operational effectiveness. The three types of information highlighted in this infographic are critical to help you provide finance and administration leaders with the data they need to make smarter resource allocation decisions.

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