Capturing Alternative Revenues

Strategic Lessons and Compendium of Tactics for Increasing Nontraditional Operating Revenue

Topics: Administration and Finance, Transportation and Parking, Auxiliary Enterprises, Space Utilization, Facilities and Operations, Revenue Enhancement, Alternative Revenues

Competing on Convenience

Wichita State Prioritizes Efficiency in International Admissions

Perhaps surprisingly, speed and convenience are two of the most important levers in international student recruitment. International students often feel overwhelmed by complicated and lengthy processes conducted in a non-native language. Institutions that are able to streamline and clarify application processes have seen strong enrollment gains.

As an example, Wichita State emphasizes efficiency and speed above all else in international student applications. Admission staff respond to all inquiries within 24 hours and communicate admission decisions within 48 hours. They also immediately send I-20 forms to admitted students by express mail. This rapid process offers students early positive reinforcement and communicates institutional investment.

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Recalibrating Offerings to Meet Student Need for Speed

Imperative #2: Bundle Episodic Services into Memberships and Turnkey Packages