Capturing Alternative Revenues

Strategic Lessons and Compendium of Tactics for Increasing Nontraditional Operating Revenue

Topics: Administration and Finance, Transportation and Parking, Auxiliary Enterprises, Space Utilization, Facilities and Operations, Revenue Enhancement, Alternative Revenues

Recalibrating Offerings to Meet Student Need for Speed

NYU Intersession Geared to Help Own Students Get Ahead

Beyond direct fees, institutions can also leverage student demand for flexibility and convenience as a differentiator and competitive advantage.

As an example, NYU recalibrated its intersession toward already succeeding students working to graduate early and away from the traditional focus of students trying to catch up. This included a shift in course offerings from general education to high-demand prerequisites and an increased focus on experiential learning that would be impractical during the year. NYU also placed limits on how intersession courses could be used to repeat coursework, maximizing the number of seats for their new target audience of students pursuing early graduation.

The combination of these changes led to immediate enrollment and revenue growth among existing students.

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De-Averaging Fee Schedules

Competing on Convenience