Capturing Alternative Revenues

Strategic Lessons and Compendium of Tactics for Increasing Nontraditional Operating Revenue

Topics: Administration and Finance, Transportation and Parking, Auxiliary Enterprises, Space Utilization, Facilities and Operations, Revenue Enhancement, Alternative Revenues

Can You Hear Me Now?

Cell Antenna Leasing Revenue for a 10,000-Student University

Through this combination of tactics, cell antennae leasing can add up to significant revenue. Shown here, a 10,000-student university already had seven cell antennae leases. With the help of a broker, the institution added three more, instituted electricity and networking fees, and installed interior antenna arrays, for a total of $354,000 of additional revenue each year.

Importantly, cell brokers advise institutions that they must make decisions and sign contracts quickly. Cell carriers are discouraged by laborious negotiations, especially when colleges and universities do not speak with one voice. Several potential contracts have famously failed because of this, with one example described here.

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Maximizing Cell Phone Antenna Lease Contracts

Monetizing the Parking Lot