Employee Engagement Practices at Community Colleges

Professional Development, Employee Engagement, and Succession Planning

Topics: Community College, Employee Engagement and Satisfaction, Human Resources, Administration and Finance, Leadership and Professional Development

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The Higher Learning Commission requires member community colleges to implement professional development, employee recognition, and succession planning practices to fulfill employee engagement standards for AQIP accreditation. This brief examines how community college human resources offices develop professional training programs and curricula for employees. This brief also considers different strategies colleges employ to recognize employees for achievements and length of service and to prepare for anticipated turnover in leadership roles.

Research Questions

  • How do contacts identify institutional gaps in employees’ management skills?
  • How do contacts align employee training opportunities with professional development needs?
  • What metrics do contacts employ to assess training and development programs and activities?
  • What initiatives recognize employees at contact institutions?
  • What procedures do institutions implement for succession planning?