2018 Community College Executive Forum National Meeting

In 2018, college leaders realize that their institutions’ future financial sustainability and differentiation are now intertwined and boiling down to an urgent ROI question. Career value to students and our local economies is no longer optional in an increasingly competitive market for higher education.

Being held to a new standard means that program portfolios must be increasingly aligned to labor market needs and student demands. With decreases in public funding anticipated, the desire to promote retention and success for all students has moved beyond mission to a financial necessity. Unfortunately many leaders express a conflict between their college’s historical norms and procedures and the tools at their disposal to continuously improve.

The 2018 Community College Executive Forum national meeting will examine how progressive colleges are adapting to and meeting the changing needs of their students and community. We will help community college leadership create effective program review protocols that drive future readiness. Additionally we will explore how to create a culture of completion for all students, regardless of background and financial means.