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How your college can narrow the medical coding skills gap

on December 16, 2014  |  Permalink

Topics: Community College, Real-Time Employer Demand Data, Program Market Research, Academic Affairs, Health Care Programs, Industry Partnerships

Lisa Qing

Lisa Qing, Consultant
Community College Executive Forum

As health care providers shift toward electronic medical records (EMRs), the health informatics workforce is poised for rapid growth. According to a new report from Burning Glass Technologies, employers across the U.S. posted 72,000 health informatics job openings in 2013. These positions reflect a wide range of educational qualifications, but they all require a rare combination of clinical expertise and IT skills.

Medical coders, or workers who translate diagnoses and procedures into standardized codes for reimbursement, represent one especially high-demand role. Employers are struggling to find the talent to meet their hiring needs. The typical online job posting for medical coders stays open for 40 days—seven days longer than the average across all occupations.

Colleges and universities already graduate nearly 34,000 new medical coders each year. What more can we do to ensure that program graduates meet employers' needs?

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How your college can narrow the medical coding skills gap