Reengineering Developmental Math

Accelerating Student Success Through High-Return Personalized Pathways

Topics: Community College, Academic Affairs, Academic Planning, Curriculum Development, Program Approval, Program Prioritization, Student Retention and Success, Developmental and Remedial Education

Optimal math delivery redesign timeline

Based on best practices and lessons learned by early adopters, the Community College Forum created an optimal math delivery redesign timeline for phased implementation of the modified math emporium. Practitioners recommend to start redesign planning discussions at least one year before full implementation. This allows sufficient time for research, cross-departmental consultations, and a one-semester pilot phase.

Year 1, Spring 2013: Problem resolution kick-off workshop

Year 1, Summer 2013: Department chair curricular alignment consultations

Removing Unnecessary Content Reduces Barriers to Completion

Year 1, Late Summer 2013: Advisor consultations and handbooks

Year 2, Spring 2014: Student announcements

Campus Media Partnership

Function-specific resources for flipping the classroom