Reengineering Developmental Math

Accelerating Student Success Through High-Return Personalized Pathways

Topics: Community College, Academic Affairs, Academic Planning, Curriculum Development, Program Approval, Program Prioritization, Student Retention and Success, Developmental and Remedial Education

Three critical areas in need of redesign

Our primary research and subsequent root-cause analysis surfaced a host of major dropout culprits that explain student attrition. These ranged from causes largely outside of any administrator’s control (e.g., family emergencies) to a diverse array of causes like disengaging instructional style, a fear of quadratic equations, and students not knowing how to study.

Based on over 200 research interviews and on-sites, we identified three critical problem areas in the developmental math pipeline: ineffective delivery, irrelevant curriculum, and imprecise placement.

Delivery: Maximizing return from flipped classrooms

Help Students Embrace Self-Paced Instruction
Contain Administrative Transition Costs
Create Self-Sustaining Faculty Buy-In

Curriculum: Matching math curriculum with students career goals

Placement: Determining optimal math course

Toolkit and Resource Center

Top questions asked about math redesign