Turning High School Partnerships into College Enrollments

Topics: Community College, Student Affairs, Student Experience, Career Services, Experiential Learning, Student Retention and Success, Degree Progress, Developmental and Remedial Education, Early Warning Systems

Missing Our Biggest Opportunity to Reduce Risk

Students Navigate Complex Enrollment Process with Limited Guidance

Students without a college GPS are prone to making the most damaging errors during their transition from high school into college. This can be explained in part by students’ view of the college transition process. Unlike the linear process administrators imagine of enrollment, students entering community college for the first time are greeted with nothing but a confusing puzzle of steps to complete before starting class.

In our research interviews, students shared stories of skipping financial aid applications and spending hours waiting for an academic advisor. We also talked to many students who took the college placement test without any understanding of its significance.

In this web of services, it’s all too easy for students to miss out on available aid, place into developmental courses they don’t need, or build a school schedule that doesn’t work with their jobs or family responsibilities.

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But Lack of Attention to Non-Academic Barriers

How Do We Cultivate College Navigation Skills at Scale?