Eliminating Enrollment Pain Points

Five Strategies to Increase Applicant Conversion Rates

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A National Phenomenon

Applicant Conversion Rates Worsen as More At-Risk Students Enter College

From 2011 to 2013, two-year colleges have lost more than half of all applicants in the period between application and the first day of the fall term. Data suggests the trend is worsening, with colleges converting only 42% of all applicants into enrollees for the 2013 fall term.

The applicant conversion challenge is exacerbated by the increasingly risky profile of incoming students. Over the past decade, more community college students are entering with remedial needs, applying for financial aid, and enrolling in college after years out of a formal educational setting (age 25 and older). These three factors place greater demands on college resources to help students navigate the enrollment process.

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Increasing Conversion Critical to Financial Health